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Accelerate Line Associate Training

Video-based training brings obvious benefits to manual assembly lines.

Is inefficient line associate training holding your team back?

Standardized work is at the heart of lean manufacturing, which means training line associates on the best way to perform a task, every single time is of utmost importance.

But line associate training hasn’t grown much richer or more effective in recent history: it remains a combination of classroom and on-the-line training, overseen by a trainer or supervisor, with non-trivial staffing requirements and opportunity costs. What's more, line associate churn is high, which means that on any given day, there's a high number of new line associates who need training.

Video-based training can help make training more engaging and sticky, overcome language barriers, and transcend learning limitations such as reading ability or culture. But how do you make it happen?

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AI-Powered production keeps assembly teams engaged

There’s a reason that the best sports teams coach their athletes using instant replay.

It’s the same reason people who need to learn a new household task — fixing a broken pipe, for example — look for lessons on YouTube.

It’s because video is the ideal medium for learning new tasks or refining your performance.

But how do you get video from every action on every station on the line? How do you ensure that video is demonstrating best practices? Drishti does it for you through AI-powered production: it captures the video from each station, transfers it to a central server, stores it, provides software for accessing and distributing it, and keeps it secure. Online access allows you to tag best practices and curate training playlists.

With this infrastructure, you can finally integrate video into your line associate training processes with a ready library of video content.


People who benefit include:


who can now build classroom training content and preparing customized training using “side-by-side video”


who now have a quick and easy way to address standardized work deviations on the line

Line associates

who can learn more quickly and feel more confident in their jobs